Some New Altarware

Our new altar candlesticks, crucifix, and missal stand arrived recently for Holy Rosary parish ā€“ one of the fruits of the fundraiser that I had. (Side note: another Mass for benefactors will take place soon.)

Here are two photos:

Unbleached candles for Lent.

Unbleached candles for Lent.

I wasn't standing right in the middle, so some things look off-center.

I wasn’t standing right in the middle, so some things look off-center.

You’ll note that there are no flowers on the high altar. This is because during Lent, with the exception of certain Solemnities and Feast Days (such as Laetare Sunday, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, etc.), it is not permitted to have flowers on the altar (see GIRM # 305). That means that, in the morning, when I go over there, I need to remove those silk flowers showing in the photos above out from under the altar as well. (Tomorrow’s Mass is the first Mass celebrated there during Lent.)

Again, my gratitude to all of our generous benefactors, particularly the one who bought this new altarware for us!

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2 Responses to Some New Altarware

  1. jrpayne827 says:

    I’m telling you Father, this little Church just calls to me. I wish I lived close enough to visit.

  2. Linda Smith says:

    Father Jerabek, the alter is beautiful! What a lovely church you have. Blessings to all of your church family during this special time of Lent.

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