Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI!

Our pope emeritus celebrates his 88th birthday today. This photo was apparently taken this morning in the Vatican, outside Benedict’s home, where he received a group of Bavarians in traditional costume and shared a mug of German beer with them. Pope Benedict’s older brother is there on the right side (seated, with sunglasses).

Ad multos annos!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI!

  1. Dr. John Boulet says:

    How blessed we were to have Benedict XVI as pope. And, in my own lifetime, Popes Paul VI, JP II & Francis.

  2. Happy Birthday To the Holy Father!

  3. Ai Doan says:

    Hi Father Jerabek,

    Thank you for picture of Pope Benedict XVI on his 88th Birthday. The Pope’s brother looks like him.

    We love Pope Benedict… God Bless You.

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