Profession of Faith in the Real Presence

About this time six years ago, I was planning for the Corpus Christi procession that we would have on that feast in the parish that I was then assigned to. And it seemed “truly right and just” to me at the time that we should recite together an Act of Faith in the Real Presence.

As I recall (and I have an awful memory), I decided to adapt and expand the Profession of Faith that Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand) had written and required the first eucharistic heretic, Berengar, to recite in order to be reconciled to the Church. Perhaps you will be interested in reading it – and making it your own profession of faith as well. And perhaps any priest readers who might be out there will be inspired to have their parishioners recite this profession of faith or some adaptation thereof as part of this year’s Corpus Christi devotions – just over a month away.


I believe in my heart and profess with my lips that the bread and wine, which are placed upon the altar, are really and substantially changed by the mystery of the sacred prayer and by the words of our Savior, spoken by the priest, into the true and life-giving Flesh and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. After the Consecration there is present the true Body of Christ, which was born of the Virgin Mary and offered up for the salvation of the world: which hung upon the Cross for us, and now sits at the right hand of the Father in glory; and there is present the true Blood of Christ which flowed from his side.

I believe that his Precious Body and Blood are really and truly present, even though the appearances of bread and wine remain. I reaffirm this faith every time I say “Amen” before receiving Holy Communion, and every time I genuflect towards the tabernacle. And before this great Sacrament I bow down in worship as before God himself, for I know by my Catholic faith that it truly is God himself, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, who for our sake became man, taking to himself a human body and soul, and now continues his Presence among us as he promised, hidden under these humble appearances.

I pray that our loving Savior, before whom I now kneel, will until the day I die preserve and deepen my faith in his Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, and that after I die, the veil that now hides his glorious Presence from me may be lifted, and I may rejoice to see him face to face for ever, together with all the saints in heaven.  Amen.

* * *

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