Masses for Benefactors

I have been meaning to blog this for a while, but have had difficulty either finding the time, or remembering to do so when I do have the time… So, in the spirit of “better late than never”…….

Mass last Wednesday at Holy Rosary, as well as this Wednesday (tomorrow morning as I write this), is offered for the Benefactors of the Parish. I greatly appreciate all your support, and continue to pray for you all. Be sure to read the update below.

The image of Our Lady of Lourdes in our altar with her May "crown" (which came out looking more like a "hat" this time).

The image of Our Lady of Lourdes in our altar with her May “crown” (which came out looking more like a “hat” this time).

To give everyone an update (for newcomers, get some of the back story here), our youth soccer team has really grown this spring and the children have benefited greatly from being able to practice on our home field (located on the back half of our parish property). I hope we can have a small set of bleachers next year to encourage people to come and watch the games. Meanwhile, our youth reading program is growing as well, as we move towards having a “Reading Room” – an inviting place where area youth will want to come and relax while improving their literacy skills and developing a love for reading.

Our Food Pantry distributed approximately 360 large boxes of food last month – perhaps the biggest month ever. We are currently very low on our stock of fresh meat, and I am praying that a good solution will arise for that (read: maybe a donation or fire sale price from a meat supplier). We usually have a stock of frozen chicken or other meat so that we can provide some good protein in our food boxes. In the area of the “clothes closet” – our trailer where we distribute clothing and household supplies – some recent adaptations to the trailer have made it possible for us to have an increase of much-needed space.

In the church, we are enjoying the use of our new vestments and altar ware. Thanks to the generosity of a benefactor we have fresh roses on the altar each week (outside of Lent) and so Our Lady is honored with a sort of living “rosary” at all times. There are some major structural repairs needed to the church and a recent donation will make that possible – now we will begin seeking additional evaluations/quotes from contractors so that we can get the job done right, for the right price.

With the school year winding down we are now shifting in our planning toward our summer youth program. For several weeks during the summer the area youth will be able to come for the entire day (on weekdays) and participate in activities and field trips. Thanks to generous donations from a local Little Caesar’s we can feed them pizza and, with the good planning of our food pantry workers, we will have other special treats for them each day out of the many fresh items that are donated. This summer a seminarian will be on hand to participate in some aspects of this summer youth program as well.

To all of our benefactors, my heartfelt thanks! And to all: please pray for us at Holy Rosary! God reward you!

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