More on Sick Call Crucifixes

My post on Sick Call Crucifixes from last June has been a regular favorite here, with folks regularly arriving through internet searches and sharing it around the web.

A priest in California, Fr. Jack Kearney, emailed me today about a web site he has set up ā€“ a virtual Sick Call Set Museum, reflecting the brick-and-mortar version of the same that he has in California. Take a look at it via this link. Looks like there are lots of interesting photos of all different types of sets. (NOTE: the music controls are at the bottom of each page, if you want to mute it.)

To my previous post, I might add a suggestion: Now that you know about this item (if you didn’t before), if you see one in a yard sale or flea market, you might buy it (after a suitable amount of haggling, if necessary!), to “rescue” it and put it into more pious use. This is the sort of thing that should ideally be handed down in families.

Thanks to Fr. Jack for making me aware of his site!

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One Response to More on Sick Call Crucifixes

  1. Lin says:

    We are blessed to have two sick call crucifixes in our house; one from my gramma and one from my great aunt (her sister). What treasures I have from both of them in rosaries, prayer cards, statues, Catholic books and Catholic traditions. I miss them both so much! And plan to pass all of this and more on to my children and grandchildren. I did not think anyone knew about these crucifixes, nor used them anymore. I assumed that the priest brought all the necessities with him. What a wonderful tradition to give a sick call crucifix for a wedding gift! Thanks for your post!

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