An Ill-Advised Practice

I have posted here on various occasions about the ill-advised practice of Communion in the Hand (use the blog’s search function to find previous articles). I note today that Crisis Magazine has a fine article about the same. Do take a look. We need to continue to raise awareness about this issue so that reverence and respect for the Most Blessed Sacrament will increase in our country and throughout the world.

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One Response to An Ill-Advised Practice

  1. it is interesting to note that many of the Eucharistic miracles that took place in antiquity all had one thing in common( not the only thing)…. reception on the tongue while kneeling. I agree that posture is a reflection of disposition- but the thing that gets me more than anything else is not reception on the hands, but the absolute indifference in terms of all other postures taken by most Catholics when going up. Hands in pockets, arms crossed fiddling fingers horrifyingly disrespectful garments; airs of impatience or resignation or boredom. Of all things, these are the things the clergy(and not just the Bishops) and the faithful must be most concerned about. People know intellectually what is Truth, but by their actions it is obvious that they prefer to conform to this world rather then the next, The best way to cull a herd is to ride through the pasture and make your choices on livestock in an unobserved setting– not in a corral. This I believe is how Our Lord works as well.

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