Demonic Entertainment

A very troubling phenomenon came to my attention yesterday, and I felt the need to share about it on Facebook and also via a letter to the parents and teachers of my parish school. I am going to go ahead and share the relevant portion of that letter with you here as well, so that more will be made aware of this dangerous trend.

* * *

It was recently brought to my attention that there is a new “challenge” that has become “viral” among young people, called “Charlie Charlie”. It involves summoning a Mexican demon named Charlie and asking it to manifest itself in a certain way — similar to using a ouija board.

I am warning you about this so that you can be vigilant with your children about it. Anything having to do with the demon is very serious and to be avoided at all costs. It is never “entertaining” to summon a demon. Asking the Devil to entertain us is a sure recipe for disaster.

Exorcists regularly note that one of the causes of demonic possession and other serious spiritual afflictions is the use of ouija boards and the like. These things are promoted as “innocent fun” but are anything but. Please be vigilant with your children and instill in them a healthy fear of evil and the occult. I hate to think that any of the children of our community might be harmed because of these wicked things that are promoted as fun and glamorous.

While we must not give undue attention or curiosity to things of the occult, on the other hand we must be aware of it so that we can avoid it.

* * *

If you (reader) have participated in such activities, I urge you to pray earnestly,repent of it, and go talk to a priest; he will help you determine if it is matter for Confession (if you are unsure) and can also give you advice on how to protect yourself from evil.

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