High Altar Mass for Benefactors

Though I didn’t have a chance to announce it beforehand, I wanted everyone to know that this morning at Holy Rosary, I celebrated Holy Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on our historic high altar, for the intention of our parish benefactors (see here for back story).

No fresh flowers this morning – they'll be put out in time for tomorrow's Mass.

No fresh flowers this morning – they’ll be put out in time for tomorrow’s Mass.

Since my last benefactor update, we have made great progress in the renovations to one of our buildings that will enable it to house our new Reading Program. I think that it will actually be called a “learning center”, since there will also be some homework and tutoring done there as well; the full name remains to be announced. We are on track to open it for the new school year.

Our summer day camp program will begin in a couple of weeks, and a full compliment of activities are scheduled for the participants. Also, we have the area youth “work camp” coming to help us do some much-needed cleaning out of some of our spaces soon.

So, not a lot of news since my last update, but in any case none of what we are doing would be possible without the generous support of our parishioners and many outside benefactors. So, once again, many thanks!

If any readers are interested in how they can help, please drop me a line!

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