Dedication and Blessing of Learning Center

For those who have been following my occasional posts about our new Learning Center at Holy Rosary Church, I wanted to share some good news with you from this morning.

Although the Center has been open for two full weeks now, it had not yet been formally inaugurated and blessed. Bishop Baker came to take care of that for us today. Following our 8:30am Community Mass, all gathered in the basketball court between the church and the Learning Center, and there the Bishop welcomed everyone and commended us about taking seriously Pope Francis’ words about serving the poor and those on the margins of society. He also noted that it was providential that we should be inaugurating this new Center at the same time that our Holy Father was coming to our country.

Here, then, is the prayer the Bishop recited to bless the Center:

Lord Jesus Christ, who taught your apostles to pray that peace might descend upon any house they entered, we pray you to bless + by our ministry this building destined for the education of the young. Bestow your peace and blessing on it in full measure, so that the volunteers and young people may experience your saving grace. May your holy angels keep guard here and drive away all power of the enemy. Inspire the volunteers with knowledge, wisdom, and holy awe. Grant the young people grace from on high, so that they may grasp, retain, and put into practice the lessons they are taught. May volunteers and young people alike so please you by a truly virtuous life that they may finally merit to be received into your everlasting home in heaven. Through you, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who live and reign for ever and ever.
All: Amen.

Here is a photo of the Bishop as he welcomed the crowd. I like the ray of sunlight coming down:

Photo by BAM

Photo by BAM

The Bishop first sprinkled the crowd with Holy Water, before going inside the Center to bless its two rooms and bathroom:

Photo by BAM

Photo by BAM

And here is a photo I took recently of one of the interior rooms. The outer-space theme has been a big hit among youth and adults alike!

Photo by Fr Jerabek

Photo by Fr Jerabek

Support for this new apostolate has been outstanding. Not only do we have books in every possible nook and cranny of the new Center, but we also have a store room full of them for future use (we plan for the children to take books home with them also, so we will need to put out new ones regularly). We have a great initial group of volunteers, and I know that with time and by word of mouth, their number will increase also. Finally, financial support has been very strong – we have nearly “paid off” the project. There is just a little way to go:

UPDATED 9/26/15 4:00pm The $4,233 is the amount that our "final phase" cost (the entire project cost much more) – we are nearly 2/3 of the way toward raising that final amount!

UPDATED 9/26/15 4:00pm
The $4,233 is the amount that our “final phase” cost (the entire project cost much more) – we are nearly 2/3 of the way toward raising that final amount!

We are getting closer to our goal! If you would like to help us get closer to reaching it, please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions for using either PayPal or sending us a check. I greatly appreciate your support!

As I said to the crowd gathered this morning, it is always a blessing when the Bishop comes to our parish; today he brought a blessing with him, and I feel sure that a great work is beginning at Holy Rosary to help our disadvantaged area youth have a brighter future through greater literacy and a love of learning. Thanks be to God!

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