How Repentance Works

Seen on Facebook. This is good:


Thanks, Fr. West!

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2 Responses to How Repentance Works

  1. Deacon Dan says:

    According to Luke the lost son “squandered his inheritance on a life of dissipation”-He did not confess to visiting prostitutes. it was the older brother who made that unfounded assertion.
    Following another vein, there was no need for him to legalize prostitution, It was already legal, albeit immoral, Never the less Jesus dined with them (prostitutes) on many an occasion.

    • You’re missing the point with your nitpicking. It’s popularly held that he had visited prostitutes. Whatever the case may have been, the point is that the son understood that repentance meant a change of life and he left that former life behind. Jesus’ dining companions have nothing to do with this story.

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