Homily on Annulments


This weekend I preached on annulments. The homily was meant to be a general overview; there is much more that could be said. Just by way of example, I didn’t spend any time trying to explain why the term “annulment” is a misnomer.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE HOMILY HERE. (And maybe forward it to your acquaintances to whom it could be of interest.)

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4 Responses to Homily on Annulments

  1. as a child (56yrs old) of an annulment; if the marriage never was valid, where does that leave us, logic says we are bastards, which is a source of everlasting regret. please explain.

    • Dear Mr. Spizziri,

      No, logic does not say that you are ‘bastards’. Legitimacy is a legal designation that a legal authority can grant, take away, or otherwise control according to laws. For example, consider the case of a child conceived before a person was married. After they got married, the child was legitimated by the marriage.

      In Church law it says, “The children conceived or born of a valid or putative marriage are legitimate.” (Canon 1137). Here, “putative” means “a marriage thought to have been valid”, which is what we automatically presume all marriages to be.

      Thus, there should be no concern about your having been an illegitimate child.

      God Bless,
      Fr Jerabek

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