Some Fan Mail

A courageous local individual sent me an unsigned note today – it was written on a piece of scrap paper with some unintelligible excerpt of an article printed on it, and came in an envelope from a large corporation headquartered here locally. Odd.

I’m not sure how to interpret this!

do need help, and at times it feels like seriously so –
• With fundraising for parish projects, which I’ve posted about here before
• With developing a better layout and look for the blog (this current one is getting old)
• With coming up with more interesting things to blog about
• With blogging more frequently
…and, in that regard…
• With having more staff in the parishes to alleviate my workload so that I can dedicate more time to blogging!

I’m not sure if the need is always serious, but it does seem so at times. In any case, I hope I have interpreted this note correctly!

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