First Advent – Question


Our wreath at Holy Rosary

Did your priest speak about Advent as a penitential season in his homily or bulletin article this weekend?

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8 Responses to First Advent – Question

  1. There was more of an emphasis on a season of preparation, and the coming of Christ both at the Nativity and then at end of time. The penitential aspect of the season was not highlighted, though the need for acts of charity was brought up.

  2. Caron says:

    The Holy Spirit has impressed upon me a need to prepare differently this year

  3. L C Gregory says:

    He spoke about advent in his homily which I was glad. The youth and young adults don’t read the bulletin.

  4. Steve Daily says:

    Yes, Father Charles of St. Gabriel’s did. He listed 3 ways to prepare for Christmas during et ad#1 was the sacrament of reconciliation…i thought this was a very good lead to the season and need to make time to make it happen…

  5. Suzi Ekberg says:

    2nd Sunday of Advent: at yesterday’s Vigil Mass, our associate pastor who is from the Philippines talked about Advent being a penitential season. He encouraged using Confession as a way to prepare for Christmas. On EWTN’s Mass this morning, Fr. Pascal Morlino, OSB mentioned that Advent is a penitential season. He recommended that families go to Confession together this season.

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