Saint Andrew

First, a photo I took of the great painting of St. Andrew in one of the churches named after him in Rome, in 2006. The church is Sant’Andrea della Valle (St. Andrew of the Valley), a monumental church located not far from Piazza Navona:

Crucified on an X-shaped cross.

Crucified on an X-shaped cross. Click to enlarge.

Then, on this feast day, you might enjoy reading Pope Benedict XVI’s catechesis on St. Andrew, which he gave in the same year. Here is an excerpt:

As he left the city, a disciple drew Jesus’ attention to the sight of the massive walls that supported the Temple. The Teacher’s response was surprising:  he said that of those walls not one stone would be left upon another. Then Andrew, together with Peter, James and John, questioned him:  “Tell us, when will this be, and what will be the sign when these things are all to be accomplished?” (Mk 13: 1-4).

In answer to this question Jesus gave an important discourse on the destruction of Jerusalem and on the end of the world, in which he asked his disciples to be wise in interpreting the signs of the times and to be constantly on their guard. From this event we can deduce that we should not be afraid to ask Jesus questions – but at the same time, that we must be ready to accept even the surprising and difficult teachings that he offers us. [emphasis added]

The Pope Emeritus always had such beautiful insights into the meaning of the gospel!

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