The Post-Synodal Exhortation

Many are waiting with baited breath to see how Pope Francis will address the issues of the last two Synods on the Family in his post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation, due to be released any time now (some reports say tomorrow, some say in April, some say dated for tomorrow but released in April – and then, in today’s world, we can probably count on there being ‘leaks’ of the document also…).

There are also various people out there in advance trying to spin the document – folks ranging from lay journalists to eminent Cardinals.

The advice that Dr. Joseph Shaw gives in this blog post, then, is very timely.

Please be sure to take a look, read it serenely, and prepare yourself for the interesting times ahead! And no, I do not think that the Pope is going to try to change Church teaching on anything – which, in any case, he cannot do (in this regard, see what Dr. Shaw says in point # 1); but I do think it is extremely likely that, between secular newsmedia and dissident Catholic newsmedia, this document will be the subject of more heat than light. And, we all may need to be prepared to explain the truth in charity and with patience concerning what the Church teaches on marriage and family to those who are confused or those who wish things to be otherwise.

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