Excellent Nuns to Hold Discernment Retreat

The wonderful cloistered Dominican nuns of St. Jude Monastery in Marbury, Alabama have notified me about their upcoming discernment retreat. Here is an info-graphic – click to enlarge:



This Vocation Retreat will be on the weekend of June 3-5 for young women aged 16-27, so if you know any young ladies who might be interested, please point them in the Sisters’ direction! The Retreat Page has more information, and the above graphic can also be downloaded as a PDF.

This is an excellent group of cloistered nuns and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They live in a very quiet part of central Alabama, literally in the heart of the State, and from there their prayers radiate out to the whole world as they kneel before the Lord Jesus whom they adore on their altar.

Please SUPPORT THE NUNS also!!

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