Christmas Greetings to Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict

It’s time once again for many to start thinking about their Christmas cards. My post last year about sending cards to Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict was very popular. I again want to share their addresses, for those who might want to include them on their list. Here is that post, with a new image (click to go to an interesting online shop):


If you’d like to send Christmas greetings to Pope Francis and/or Pope Emeritus Benedict, these are the addresses that you may use:

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Domus Sanctae Marthae
00120 Vatican City-State

His Holiness, Pope Emeritus
Benedict XVI
Mater Ecclesiae Monastery
00120 Vatican City-State

Traditionally, the Vatican Secretariat of State (which handles a lot of the incoming mail) will send a Christmas holy card in gratitude for the greetings sent to the Holy Father. I can’t guarantee that you will get one, but this is what happened in the past. And of course, it’s not known for certain if the Pope will ever get to see your card, but it is the thought that counts and there is the chance that he will!

It’s nice also to send a Christmas card to your local bishop and your parish priest (and to anyone else whose “family” is the Church – so, local convents/monasteries as well)!

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