Saturno – Another Priest Christmas Gift Idea

I’ve never really been much of a hat-wearer, but I do enjoy the wonderful variety of hats in the Church. Recently, it seems, a particular style of hat has been in the news: the Saturno (so-called because it resembles the planet Saturn with its rings).


There are a number of sellers of this type of hat online, with a wide range of prices. However, this seller out of Milan, Italy, seems to be very reputable and also has quite reasonable prices:

Cappelleria Melegari (Click for the Saturno page)

As you can see, they have options in simple wool felt, (fake) fur, “melousine” (a synthetic beaver pelt-like material – traditionally these hates were made of beaver pelt, at least for winter use), and then straw (for summer). The simple wool felt one, with shipping to the US added (and IVA – sales tax – subtracted off), comes out to about $130 after converting to Dollars from Euros. That’s not a bad price.

Maybe see if your priest wants one? “Father, what’s your hat size?”…

(It does say that it takes them 20 days to fulfill the order. And I would guess that with the holidays coming up they will have a longer delay.)

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