Help Me Buy A Chasuble?

UPDATE January 16, 2017 – I have removed the links to the crowdfunding page, as a total of $1,800.00 was donated so that I could purchase not only the white set pictured but also this green chasuble & stole! Thank you to all for your great generosity! I’m overwhelmed by the 21 generous gifts that came in — and so quickly. Know of my prayers for all!



Friends, with some trepidation I have decided to try a “crowdfunding” campaign in order to buy a new white vestment for my “personal” use. I say “personal” inasmuch as it would be technically of my possession and used mostly by me. But its use would be for the Church’s public worship – definitely not a merely “personal” affair! If I am able to raise the money needed, I will offer a total of ten (10) Masses for my benefactors over the next months.

The great vestment maker of London, Watts & Co., has a good discount offered right now, such that I can purchase the entire set pictured above for about $1,200 USD. That includes the extra “accessories” needed for the celebration of the Tridentine (old Latin) Mass, which I have been doing with greater frequency lately. I would be most grateful if you helped me reach the goal! If I don’t raise what’s needed, I’ll refund donations. Please see the crowdfunding page for more information: HERE.

Please click either the image above or THIS LINK to go to the YouCaring page I set up and read more about this “project”! (You may also have to click “Read More” to see all that I wrote.) Thank you for your consideration. Here, also, is an older post on this blog about the matter of beautiful vestments: HERE.

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One Response to Help Me Buy A Chasuble?

  1. Judy Silhan says:

    Dear Fr. Jerabek,
    Once again you have piqued my interest, this time on something I have often wondered about, where the idea of seemingly extravagant vestments originated. I went back and read all of your previous posts and links, especially the one about the book – High Fashion in the Church: The Place of Church Vestments in the History of Art from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century. Anxious to read more on the history of vestments, I went online to possibly purchase it. As you know quite expensive, beyond my means. However, after all the reading, I, in a small way will contribute to your new vestments, as I now understand your request for help. I would just ask one favor, if I may be so bold. If in fact, you or the parish owns a copy of this book, would it be possible for me to read thru it? Thank you again for all your thoughts each week.

    Yours in Christ,

    Judy Silhan

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