Classical Education

A friend sent me this homily – apparently preached yesterday (I guess they keep the poinsettias out till they die!?). This is an excellent explanation of the benefits of and need for classical education in our Catholic schools. As my friend said, “There is something in this video for everyone”. Please take 20 minutes to watch and/or listen:

Good work to Fr. Dufner and godspeed to his parish school!

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One Response to Classical Education

  1. Judy Silhan says:

    Dear Fr. Jerabek,
    I do not know who your friend is; but truly he or she was more than a friend, rather a much needed angel. I have never heard a priest with a more direct, positive message from the pulpit for our children, and our faith community, with regards to the Catholic schools, which I feel have slid into the ways of teaching the secular schools do, as exemplified by Fr. Dufner’s example when he spoke of the history lesson learned from women working in the textile mills.
    I cannot thank you enough for sharing this gift from you friend. I shall certainly pass it on to the best of my ability.

    Yours in Christ,
    Judy Silhan

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