Spiritual Reading

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I’ve just started reading Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence – a spiritual classic. This is clearly an important book. I’ve gotten more out of just the first few pages than I have out of entire books before. How is it that it took me until 2017 to read it? Here are a couple of snippets:

“God reveals Himself to the humble in the humblest things, while the great who never penetrate beneath the surface do not discover Him even in great events.”

“All you who aim at perfection and are tempted to discouragement by what you read in the lives of the Saints and by what is prescribed in certain books of piety; you who are appalled by the terrible ideas which you form of perfection, it is for your consolation that God wills me to write this. Learn now what you seemingly do not know.”

“Look at your life. What is it made up of? Of innumerable unimportant actions. It is just with these very things, so trifling in themselves, that God is pleased to be satisfied.”

(That second quotation should really be on the cover of this important work!)

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