A Heart for Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph has worked great miracles in my parish, starting with a major (and urgent) exterior renovation that was completed in the past couple of years – and many other things besides. In recent months I’ve been reflecting upon how God seems to “emphasize” certain saints over others in different periods of Church history; others are noticing this as well and it indeed seems that now is the time of St. Joseph.

In order to express our gratitude to St. Joseph for the many prayers that he has answered and miracles that he has worked in our midst, I celebrated a special Votive Mass this past Wednesday at the conclusion of which I placed a votive heart on our statue. This heart was procured by the previous pastor, who was instrumental in encouraging devotion to this great saint and who witnessed many of the miracles that he has done.

In my homily I preached about how placing ex votos on or near images is a very traditional thing, though perhaps not so common in the United States today (maybe the closest thing we have is the notices about St. Jude that people place in the classified section of the newspaper in order to give thanks for answered prayer and spread his fame). I have written about ex votos on several occasions on this blog. (See here, here, here, etc.)

We are now blessed to have votive hearts on our statue of the Blessed Mother and also on St. Joseph. Both of them have done and continue to do so much for us! Deo gratias!

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