Prayers for Confessors to Say

One spring during my period of studies in Rome, I spent Holy Week at a parish in Edinburgh, Scotland and assisted with the sacred functions there. It was there that I saw, for the first time, a beautiful prayer for a confessor to say after he had finished hearing confessions. I remember feeling quite consoled and reassured by it. For whatever reason, however, I did not snap a phone photo or otherwise write that prayer down, though I did remember enough from it that I was able to find it at a later time via internet search.

Fast forward to recently: Father Z posted various prayers for before and after hearing confessions, including the one I remember reading. I took them and touched them up a bit according to my own stylistic preferences and formatted them for hanging in our two confessionals here at the Cathedral of St. Paul.

For the convenience of other interested priests or seminarians, I also want to provide a Word document with the text of these prayers, so that they can easily reformat and print as they wish. The following document includes also the prayer of absolution in English, Spanish, and Latin (all Novus Ordo).


If you enjoy a closer relationship with your priest, you might forward these prayers to him for his consideration. I personally have found them not only consoling/reassuring, as I said, but have also experienced that they help me to focus properly for the sacrament and more effectively pray for my penitents afterwards.

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3 Responses to Prayers for Confessors to Say

  1. bobboffa says:

    Beautiful and touches my heart

  2. Fr Gregory P Cormier OCDS says:

    I am truly grateful for this post about prayers before and after confession. I have been ordained many years and was not ever shown this.

  3. Jo Ann Scamardo says:

    Dear Father, I wanted to thank you for sharing these beautiful prayers with us.  I am a lay person and I have printed off three copies for the priests of my parish to see if they would like to have them.  I’m sure they will want them. Again, they are so beautiful and meaningful.  I enjoy reading them, myself. God bless you many times over in your priesthood. Sincerely,Jo Ann Scamardo

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