Eucharistic Prayers in Spanish

Several years ago I made recordings of the first three Eucharistic prayers in Spanish, for a brother priest (fellow native English speaker) who wanted to practice. For some English speakers who are learning Spanish, I think, it can be easier to comprehend what one is hearing better when it is read by another native English speaker. Sometimes when we are learning a language and we hear native speakers, the speed with which they speak or the particularities of native pronunciation become an obstacle to progress in learning.

I was just reminded of these audio files and thought I should make them available for the benefit of any other priest or seminarian who might be preparing to say Mass in Spanish. Of course, they still name Benedict XVI as pope and they have the name of our Bishop of Birmingham in Alabama, but those can easily be heard and substituted with “Francisco” and whatever the name of the bishop of the place is. Since I cannot embed audio on my blog, I made the files into Youtube videos and posted them there. Here they are:

Eucharistic Prayer I – The Roman Canon


Eucharistic Prayer II (with its proper preface)


Eucharistic Prayer III


Hopefully these will be of use to someone!

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