Walking the Road to God

A kind reader sent me a book called Walking the Road to God that I had had on my wish list. The author, Father Lawrence Carney, went to the same seminary as me, a year ahead of me. I remember him well as a seminarian (though I haven’t seen him since) – and I recall how I was edified by his simplicity of life and strong faith. He is the real deal. So when I heard about his book and the interesting new endeavor that he is pursuing, I was glad to learn more about it.

Father Carney was ordained a diocesan priest in Wichita, Kansas, but in recent years has been chaplain for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles in Gower, Missouri (with the permission of his bishop). Each day, after fulfilling his duties to them, he goes and walks the streets of St. Joseph, Missouri, wearing his cassock and a Roman hat called a “saturno”. While walking he carries a crucifix and a rosary, while praying for the souls who will see him and talk to him along the way. The book that he wrote documents many of his experiences in this rather unique apostolate.

Jim & Joy Pinto recently had Father Carney on their show, At Home with Jim & Joy, and I recommend that in addition to considering Father’s book, you also take the time to watch this interview:

In the interview, Father talks about how he wishes to start a religious order of priests who will offer beautiful liturgy in the city and then walk the streets to draw people to God. They will be called the Canons Regular of St. Martin of Tours. Unfortunately there is no mailing address provided for Father, but they do give his email: frcarney@gmail.com.

Take a look at his book, at this interview, and consider supporting Father Carney in his work! I also recommend that you get this book for priests and seminarians you know.

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