Thank You

As we continue our Advent preparation and near the feast of Christmas, my heart is filled with gratitude for so many things, including you, those who read my blog. I have not been able to post much over these past couple of years (when I was in Rome for further studies, I had a lot more “leisure”, alas), but the blog continues to have good traffic, and it is clear to me that the Lord is still guiding many people toward it to learn about the things I have posted or find answers to their questions.

Several of you have bought me books from my wish list, for which I am most grateful. Several of you have corresponded with me also, either through comments or through email. This blog is an outlet for my creativity and to hand on what I have learned. Often I am overwhelmed with my workload and the last thing I can think of is what to blog about; sometimes, things “bubble to the surface” and I feel moved to share in one way or another.

I am offering Mass this evening for all of my “followers” or readers, and your special intentions. Thank you!

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