New Book Recommendation

A really great new book on marriage will be out soon, and I want to encourage you to pre-order it and include it in your summer reading. It is by Dr. David Anders, whom may know from his work on EWTN Radio. He is a noted apologist, theologian, and teacher of the faith. This book combines his personal testimony with Church teaching, while seamlessly weaving in reference to challenges against marriage in our wider culture today.

Full disclosure: I helped review this book for publication.

This book is written for popular consumption (for priests and laity alike), but has real substance. It will inspire and strengthen lay people, married and unmarried; for even if one does not have difficulties in his own relationship, he always meets others who do. I believe that many lay people, in reading this book, will be develop a renewed appreciation for the true meaning of marriage and the grace that God offers to those in sacramental marriage so that they may live out their state in life faithfully until death. One of the great features of the book is that it does so thoroughly address the matter of grace – a topic missing in many contemporary discourses on marriage.

It will also surely be inspirational and helpful for priests, helping them as they approach converts and the marital problems that they often bring – helping them also to “brush up” on certain key concepts connected with marriage, morality, law, and grace.

The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage will be published in June in paperback, and Amazon already has the price discounted. You can also pre-order the Kindle Edition.

I note also that Dr. Anders spoke about his book today on his radio show. (CLICK HERE)

Congratulations to Dr. Anders on such a fine book! I hope it will be a blessing to many.

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