Conga Line Lectors

Have you ever been at a Mass (usually a school Mass) where a line-up of people takes part of the same reading or the intercessions? I guess it’s most often done with the responsorial psalm…

I jokingly refer to this as “conga line reading”. I’ve always felt it was inappropriate and reflective of a misguided sense of needing to have everyone “do something”.

Tonight, while reviewing part of the rules of Mass – i.e., the document known as the General Instruction of the Roman Missal – I was pleasantly surprised by this find:

109. If there are several present who are able to exercise the same ministry, nothing forbids their distributing among themselves and performing different parts of the same ministry or duty. […] However, it is not at all appropriate that several persons divide a single element of the celebration among themselves, e.g., that the same reading be proclaimed by two readers, one after the other, with the exception of the Passion of the Lord. (emphasis mine)

In other words, the sharing of a single psalm, reading, the intercessions, or any other part of the Mass should not be done.

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