Help Send A Good Book to Nicaragua

We recently welcomed a new religious order to the Diocese of Birmingham — the Fraternity Poor of Jesus Christ (link is to their Facebook page). The friars have set up a house at Blessed Sacrament Church, with three friars resident and another on the way early next year. The sisters are in the process of setting up their house at Our Lady of Fatima Church — one sister is here at present and more will come next year. Both groups will work in the poor neighborhoods on the west side of Birmingham — one of the most afflicted parts of town.

As part of their service, some of the friars and sisters occasionally do missionary work. Sister Miracles (yes, that is her name!), the founding sister of the Birmingham house of sisters, will be going to Nicaragua in November. She hopes to bring 150 copies of a certain book with her to distribute in four parishes and to seminarians. The book is Into the Deep by Dan Burke — a solid book on prayer in the Catholic tradition. Of course, she’ll be bringing the Spanish-translated version: Mar Adentro.

I cannot emphasize enough what a worthy initiative this is: when you walk into many Catholic bookstores in Latin America, you will find volumes by many dissenting authors (including some of our worst ones from the US, in translation) – promoting feminist theology, liberation theology, and many other errors or distortions of the faith. The Church in Latin America is suffering great losses; there are a multitude of factors but one of them is the dilution of Catholic teaching. Getting good, solid books into the hands of people in Nicaragua is a work of mercy! An historically Catholic country, today only 50% of the population is Catholic — 40% are now Protestant. And half of those who are Protestant were formerly Catholic! (source)

It will cost about $2,750 to get 150 copies of this book on prayer and get them to Nicaragua. Will you help — even with a small donation? Together, we can achieve this goal. I made the first donation to buy one book. I hope that many others will help also. This is a great work of evangelization and mission.

Click on the picture of Sister Miracles (taken recently outside our Cathedral) below to go to the GoFundMe page for this effort.

I will ensure that the sisters receive a list of all donors so that they can pray for you. I will also offer a Mass for all donors once the campaign has ended.

Thank you for your support!

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