Latin-Spanish Baptism Booklet

Following upon my recent post, in which I provided a Latin-English participation booklet for Baptism in the Extraordinary Form, I am now pleased to provide a similar resource with Latin and Spanish.

It is difficult to find the correct 1962 books that include approved Spanish translations. It is a bit of a mystery to me why more of these old books have not yet been returned to print; it probably reflects how, in general, the Extraordinary Form is not yet as well-known in the “Spanish-speaking world”.

(To be clear: I DID use the correct and approved liturgical books for this booklet.)

That said, some recent experiences I have had suggest that more and more of our Hispanic immigrants and other Spanish-speakers are starting to discover and appreciate this form of the liturgy as well.

A priest who knows how to do baptism in the Extraordinary Form (i.e., knows the full rubrics) could easily use this booklet himself to conduct such a baptism for a Spanish-speaking child, in the absence of a ritual book.

I again provide the guide in two formats, to suit different types of duplex printers/folders:

ONE-UP FORMAT (individual 5.5×8.5″ pages)

BOOKLET FORMAT (print two-sided and fold/staple)

Please share this with any priests you know who celebrate the sacraments in Spanish and may be interested in providing baptism in this form to the Hispanic families he serves. Read my original post for more information.

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