A Prayer before Preaching

The task of preparing to preach is a serious one, upon which depends the spiritual good of the people entrusted to the preacher’s care. All priests are challenged to invest time and prayer into their preaching, carefully preparing what they will say and striving to respond to God’s inspiration in that endeavor.

The monks of Silverstream Priory have posted a beautiful and edifying prayer to say before preaching, and I am glad to link to their post. A priest or deacon could say this prayer before preparing his homily; he could also say it before Mass, along with the vesting prayers while getting ready.

Many priests have been touched by the beautiful charism of Silverstream Priory in recent years, especially through the book In Sinu Iesu that one of their monks published. It has been a balm and an encouragement for many priests, the present author included. I highly recommend this book for any priest, prospective priest, or anyone who prays for priests.

One of the things that I appreciate about the work produced by Silverstream, beyond its spiritual depth, is the beauty with which it is presented. From the higher, more sacral register of the English language (notice, for example, the vocative “Jesu” in the prayer linked to this post) — beauty that we have all but lost in modern times — to the way that it is arranged, typeset, and otherwise designed, it is of the highest quality.

As a preacher who sometimes struggles to find the words to say, I know that this prayer will be of benefit and profit.

I note that Silverstream Priory is undergoing a period of great growth and can also use our help.

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