Rorate Mass

Straining to read the gospel in the low light! More candles next year!

At the kind instance of a parishioner, I scheduled a Rorate Mass this year. Not only had I never been to one of these Masses; I had not celebrated one either. I did it as a High Mass (Missa Cantata), with the preaching in both English and Spanish, for the sake of our diverse Catholic population.

I am very pleased to share these beautiful photos. Sunrise was forecast for 6:44am on Saturday, December 15, so I scheduled the Mass for 6:15am — the idea being that we would start out in total darkness, only by candlelight, but the natural light would gradually increase so that by the end of Mass the sun would be fully risen. Alas, it was cloudy, but you can see especially in the photo of the elevation of the Host how the light was already increasing by that point in the Mass. Here is a gallery of photos:

Photos by Mary Dillard.

This Mass was a multi-parish effort and over 200 people attended. We planned for 100 — not really knowing what to expect! And the feedback afterwards was spectacular: it is clear that we should make this an annual tradition, and that it will be something to look forward to each Advent.

Read this link for more about what a Rorate Mass is. I am grateful to Our Lady for the grace of this special Mass. It was offered for purification and healing in the Church.

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