Coming Up: Blessing of Wine

An infographic recently posted on my parish’s social media.

This Thursday, December 27, is the Feast of St. John the Evangelist. And the Roman Ritual gives us a special blessing connected with his feast day: the blessing of wine!

I’m happy to share here a PDF that I created with that text in English, for those priests who may wish to offer this blessing.

Blessing of Wine (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

The prayers remind us of the legend that St. John was saved from a poisoned chalice of wine by blessing it (this theme is present in the lives of other saints also, such as St. Benedict) and how wine is blessed to be beneficial for physical health. As we know, scripture contains the injunction to use wine medicinally (e.g., 1 Timothy 5:23)!

Blessed wine is nice to keep around to share with family and friends and also to give as gifts (to those who will use it rightly and with gratitude). If your priest doesn’t offer this blessing, consider asking him to do so! It’s one of our many beautiful, bygone Catholic traditions.

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