More on Communion Rails

I had resolved to avoid getting into a rut of posting on the same topics continually (as was happening at one point recently), but someone forwarded this article to me today. It is well worth sharing, even if I recently said something about communion rails.

(I have several other things I want to post about, but not enough time to write on them. Hopefully soon.)

Fr. Pokorsky writes on The Communion Rail and Complementarity at The Catholic Thing. Perhaps the title of the article doesn’t immediately give a clear sense of what it is about, but believe me when I say it is worth reading from beginning to end. Here is a very fine point in excerpt:

When there isn’t a Communion rail, the people approach the Communion station and, after receiving Communion, hurriedly depart.  A panoramic devotional view of a beautiful sanctuary, like the splendor of decorations adorning a wedding feast, is thus unlikely.  The reception of Communion is individualistic, not communal.  The priest stands still distributing the Hosts; the people hustle to and fro.

Read the article HERE. Many thanks to Fr. Pokorsky!

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