The Mothers of Lu

On this Holy Thursday we consider the two sacraments our Lord instituted this day: the Holy Priesthood and the Holy Eucharist. They are intimately connected – no priests, no Eucharist; no love and reverence for the Eucharist, no priests.

In this connection, I came across the very inspiring story of the “Mothers of Lu” — Lu being a small town in Italy where a large group of mothers in the last century united for the purpose of praying for vocations. They organized adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and efforts to make worthy Holy Communions. They composed a brief but poignant prayer for this intention. These mothers “got” the connection between Eucharist and Priesthood.

From that small town came a total of 323 vocations, of which almost half (152) were priests — truly remarkable. See the photo above of a reunion of just some of the vocations that came from that town.

A little over a decade ago, the Congregation for Clergy in the Vatican put out a lovely book on Spiritual Maternity for Priests. You can download it in PDF format from the Congregation for Clergy HERE.

To help familiarize more people with the important story of the “Mothers of Lu”, I excerpted the two pages dedicated to it from the above PDF into a separate file. You can download the excerpt HERE – THE STORY OF THE MOTHERS OF LU.

What a worthy thing it would be if a group of mothers now were to try to form a similar initiative. I see many young men today with the signs of a vocation — and I see many families that effectively prevent such young men from following God’s call. (Some do so under the cleverest of pretenses — but God is not fooled!) The words of our Lord, Many are called, few are chosen, repeatedly bear out, as I fear many who do have a call do not heed it or get distracted from it.

The prayer that weighs heaviest on my heart this Holy Thursday is that more young men will answer the call to the priesthood, embracing it with courage and joy. The laborers are few and the need is urgent!

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