Appeal for Vocations Promotion Support

UPDATE: Thank you to all who so quickly bought the items on the list! I will put benefactor labels in them, asking those who use them to pray for those who donated. I am humbled by such a generous and swift response. Thanks!

An effective way to promote vocations to the priesthood is by teaching young men to pray the Church’s prayer — The Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office. And a good place to start with that is not with the four-volume complete set, but an abridged version called Christian Prayer.

Some of you have already very generously purchased eight copies of this book from my “vocations wish list“. I would like to get about 20 more copies of this book so that I have enough for a project that I am working on.

These will all be given to young men, who will also be taught how to use them. Only good can come of this — right? Either they will use them and reach greater clarity (through this and other means) concerning their possible vocation, or perhaps they will drift off but will give them away to someone else who will use them. Some of them might go on to get married, but also pray the Church’s prayer as part of their spiritual discipline. There are lots of possibilities, and they overall seem good.

HERE IS MY AMAZON VOCATIONS WISH LIST – please consider helping me get the additional books needed for this effort. If you order through this list it should give you the option of having it shipped directly to me at my parish. There is also a possibility of ordering an Ordo on the list, which makes it easier for beginners to find their place as they pray. Thank you for your support!

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