Thank You – Breviaries

A couple of times over the past several months I have made available my “Vocations Wish List”, to invite those who wish to help purchase books that will support vocations. Most recently, this effort was to buy several copies of Christian Prayer — 30 in all — so that we can start groups of young men praying vespers, learning to pray as priests do. There were also opportunities to buy the Ordo that helps with getting acclimated to these books.

THANK YOU to all who helped! Amazon sent me name slips for some, for others there was nothing in the package, and some of them had slips with no names. So… this is my thank you here. I am so grateful for all who have purchased these.

As you can see in the one photo, we have put labels inside asking those who use these books to pray for the benefactors. Thank you for supporting priestly vocations!


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