Home Chapels

I posted almost two years ago to the day on the topic of home chapels: see the post, Having a Home Chapel. For those who have the space and the creativity, it’s a wonderful way to honor the Lord in one’s home by having a decorous place dedicated to prayer with him and his saints. It’s a great reminder that the house belongs to him. “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!”

I’m thinking I should start collecting photos of home chapels and sharing them here from time to time. I have the sense that this is becoming a “thing”. (And no, I’m not claiming causal connections with my post, either.) The photo at the top of this post was just shared by one of my parishioners; they have recently made beautiful enhancements to their home chapel. See more photos of their chapel here, on their blog.

This blog cross-posts to my Facebook page and there you can post comments. Feel free to share any info you know about home chapels there! (For those who get my postings via email, I’m going to go back in after I post it and provide a direct link to the comments section on my Facebook page. You might want to reload the post on the blog in your web browser — https://fatherjerabek.com/2019/08/24/home-chapels — so that you can get the updated Facebook link.)

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