Thank you for visiting my blog. For a while now I have been hoping to find the time to put together a topical index of the blog. That process has now begun. While it is taking place, I am happy to link to select posts here (in no particular order) — they are among the most popular and most consulted of those I have written. God bless you!

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First Blessings and Masses of New Priests (March 2016) — debunks an urban legend about an indulgence allegedly connected with a priest’s first blessing, but explains then how a seminarian can arrange special indulgences for his first Masses (plural!).

Bilingual Catechism (August 2019) — in working with Hispanic immigrants I found a need to provide a simple bilingual catechism that can not only provide fundamental information about our Catholic faith and teach traditional prayers, but can also serve as a springboard to further catechesis. The entire book may be previewed (PDF download) and there is also a link to how you can buy it (quite inexpensively!).

Sick Call Crucifix (June 2014) — explains not only what the unique type of crucifix is that many married couples (historically, at least) had hanging above their marriage bed, but also some customs surrounding its use.

Put St. Joseph to Work for You (May 2014) — commentary from Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI on devotion to St. Joseph, a saint for our time.

Prayer before and after Mass (February 2014) — simple prayers that I composed (and at one time had on a holy card) to help recollect before Mass and give proper thanks after.

Non Fecit Taliter Omni Nationi (June 2013) — in sending his mother as Our Lady of Guadalupe to the American continent, God truly gave a grace that he had not given to any other nation. Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe is so important for us; this information will help you grow in your understanding and appreciation of this devotion.

Caring for Liturgical Linens (August 2014) — that this is the most-read post on the blog provokes in me a certain sadness: it suggests to me that ignorance surrounding the proper care of liturgical linens is great (this conclusion is amply supported by other evidence I’ve heard of or seen first-hand throughout my ministry). But I’m glad to be able to provide this information also, hopefully to help improve the state of things.

Working on Holy Days of Obligation (November 2018) — in which I challenge Catholics in general and Catholic business owners in particular to take the day off/close up shop on Holy Days of Obligation, in order to follow the divine and ecclesial law on the santification of such days and bear witness of the faith to others.

Confession during Mass (June 2019) — many people do not realize that hearing confessions during Mass is not only permitted but very traditional; moreover, one may go to confession during Mass and still fulfill his or her Mass obligation, if it is a Mass of precept. Supporting documentation included in this post.

Scrupulosity (April 2019) — the cross of scrupulosity is a terrible burden for some people, and there are not always spiritual directors and confessors readily available to help a soul deal with and even move beyond the terrible throes of this psychological condition. This post is not meant to be a comprehensive solution but an initial guide to help such souls (and priests/spiritual directors) navigate these delicate circumstances.

Baptism Booklet for the Extraordinary Form (October 2018) — in my present assignment, many parishioners have asked that I baptize their child in the Extraordinary Form. In order to facilitate this pastoral request, I made a participation booklet not only so that I could more easily understand the rite but also so that others could follow along.

Sufficient Confession Times (July 2019) — some practical thoughts on how to determine if a parish has sufficient confession times for its population and the true spiritual growth of its members.

Mass “For the People” — All the People (June 2014) — have you ever wondered why Mass was offered “for the people” or “for the people of the parish” (or similar) each week in your parish? Or, have you not seen that intention published (yikes!)? This post explains it in greater depth.

Blessed Rolando Rivi: “I Belong to Jesus” (October 2013) — when I wrote this post, this Blessed was barely known outside of Italy, and my attempt was to help spread his fame. I believe it has contributed to that end. A very important holy man for our time!

Eucharistic Prayers in Spanish (July 2017) — many priests finds themselves in the position of needing to help Hispanic parishioners, in spite of not having been trained very thoroughly in Spanish. This resource is meant to help such priests learn the proper pronunciation of the Eucharistic Prayers in Spanish, so that they can better celebrate Mass for their Latino parishioners.

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Thank you for reading my blog!