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Sundays in Lent – Both/And

My friend, Fr. Zehnle, posted something on Twitter today that I thought was very good: I think he’s responding to the classic Catholic discussion on how the Sundays of Lent are not included in the Lenten season, because if you … Continue reading

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I Have Other Sheep

Here is my homily for this Good Shepherd Sunday: Our responsorial psalm on this Fourth Sunday of Easter is a prophecy about the Messiah – “the stone rejected by…the builders, which has become the cornerstone”. Jesus, in fulfillment of this … Continue reading

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The Lion’s Mouth

I was delighted to discover this interesting ancestor of a “complaint box” when I was in Venice: the bocca di leone (lions’ mouth), which are in various parts of town. People could secretly denounce their neighbors concerning crimes or other threats using … Continue reading

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La Verna

Father Zehnle, one of the priests here where I live, recently traveled to the Shrine of La Verna, a famous place in Tuscany that belongs to the Franciscans. It was at La Verna that St. Francis received the stigmata in September of … Continue reading

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Impressionist Swans

Grazie mille to a generous reader who has “impressionistified” my photo of the Belgian swans that I posted yesterday. It is truly amazing what computers can do. Here is that same photo, in the style of Renoir! Thanks to my … Continue reading

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Today seems like a good day for a nice photo. Here are some swans that I saw in the beautiful town of Bruges, Belgium: Incidentally, I always thought that this photo would look good as an impressionist painting. Some photo … Continue reading

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Another Painted Paschal Candle

I noticed another painted paschal candle today (see previous posts here and here) – at the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles, where I went to pray at the tomb of Saints Philip and James. You’ll notice that the wax is yellow-orange; probably … Continue reading

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Stop the Franciscan Madness!

Was St. Francis of Assisi a proto-environmentalist? Was he a feminist? Did a crucifix really speak to him? Was he rebellious toward Church authority? Did he hold views that were inconsistent with Catholic doctrine? Did he believe that embracing poverty … Continue reading

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Christ, the Passover Lamb

CHRIST’S PASSOVER SACRIFICE: OUR NEW LIFE The knowledge that Christ is the Passover lamb who was sacrificed for us should make us regard the moment of his immolation as the beginning of our own lives. As far as we are … Continue reading

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Nice Place for Prayer

Here is a view from my visit to the Papal Gardens at Castel Gandolfo last weekend. The guide said that Pope John Paul II liked to pray in this spot. More information on visiting the gardens.

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One of Rome’s stray cats, sleeping on a broken column (or something), not far from where Julius Caesar was assassinated.

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Ides of March

Today, March 15th, is the date that Julius Caesar is said to have been assassinated in the year 44BC. In the Roman way of reckoning things, this day would have been known as the Ides of March. William Shakespeare made this … Continue reading

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