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Another Priest Gift Idea

Is Father’s preaching a little bland? Want to do something about it in a kind way? Get him a great book that he will enjoy reading (or using for reference). I highly recommend this one, Dogma and Preaching: I only recently acquired … Continue reading

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He Has Not Done Thus For Any Other Nation

I would be surprised to hear of a church in Mexico that did not have a special altar dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe: her image is surely in every Mexican church, to say nothing of the countless other places … Continue reading

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Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum

Today is the seventh anniversary of the legal document written by Pope Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum, which made it clear that the old Latin Mass was never abrogated, and that the faithful (and priests, who are also part of the … Continue reading

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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Dare thy most to praise Him well; For He doth all praise excel; None can ever reach His due. — From the Sequence for today’s feast ALL TOGETHER BEFORE THE MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT At the moment of Adoration, we are all … Continue reading

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Another Visit to the Apostolic Palace

This afternoon I visited another chapel of the Apostolic Palace (see my previous chapel visit here – and also an earlier palace visit here). This one is the Pauline Chapel and it was constructed from 1538-1540. Michelangelo then painted some of the main … Continue reading

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My New Assignment

With twenty days left until I complete my time in Rome – and much yet to do to finish my academic degree – I am pleased to announce today the new assignment that Bishop Baker has given me for when I return. … Continue reading

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Applause in Church

I remember during the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, someone would come out before Mass began (in the Vatican) and instruct the congregation that there was to be no applause, please turn off cell phones, etc. etc. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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La Verna

Father Zehnle, one of the priests here where I live, recently traveled to the Shrine of La Verna, a famous place in Tuscany that belongs to the Franciscans. It was at La Verna that St. Francis received the stigmata in September of … Continue reading

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Put St. Joseph to Work for You

Happy Feast of St. Joseph the Worker! Devotion to St. Joseph is a healthy part of any Catholic spirituality. There is an endearing article today on Vatican Insider about Pope Francis’ devotion to St. Joseph – read it here. I … Continue reading

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Visit to St. Catherine on Her Feast

Today is the feast of the great saint, Catherine of Siena, doctor of the Church, and patroness of Europe and of Italy. She was born into a very large family (if memory serves, over 20 children!). Read what Pope Benedict XVI said … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Benedict XVI!

Today is the 87th birthday of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. May God grant him good health and many years!

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After Hours in the Sistine Chapel

Many people see the Sistine Chapel as part of the Vatican Museum tour: after spending a couple of hours browsing some of the world’s finest artistic treasures, you then find yourself in this exceedingly beautiful chapel – along with (seemingly) about … Continue reading

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