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The White Cassock

A “current trend” in clergy fashion is to wear a white cassock during summertime. Some wonder if this is permitted. The answer is probably something like, “technically, no, but it doesn’t really matter”… Technically, no — because, back in the … Continue reading

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A Magazine for Men

I am blessed in my parish to have a group of men and boys that meets weekly during the school year — well over 100 of them — and a couple of times each summer. That group is Fraternus, and … Continue reading

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High Altars and Side Altars: A Matter of Justice

During and following the Second Vatican Council there was an almost-frenetic push to remove or drastically alter the high altars and, as the case may be, side altars in many churches. No authoritative Church document ever called for their removal … Continue reading

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Supplying the Exorcism Prayers of Baptism

I have written here a few times about baptism in the Extraordinary Form, including making note of the powerful exorcism prayers included in it. I believe I have also shared the sentiment that I, like so many others, wish I … Continue reading

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Difficulty Praying the Rosary Regularly?

For many people, praying the rosary regularly and consistently is a real challenge. Then, for many, there is the additional difficulty of getting the hang of meditating on the mysteries while going through the Hail Marys and other prayers… Here’s … Continue reading

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The Older Profession of Faith for Converts

When a person who is already baptized is received into the Catholic Church now, the ordinary profession of faith used is quite simple. The person states (without having to put his or her hand on a book of the gospels … Continue reading

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Can a priest offer Mass “privately”?

No Mass is truly private, in at least two senses: The Mass belongs to the Church and is celebrated only with her authorization; The angels and saints are present at every Mass, as well as whatever other faithful may be … Continue reading

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Sufficient Confession Times

A priest-friend of mine has remarked that every priest should take his weekly confession time (in minutes), multiply by 52 weeks, then divide by the number of individual parishioners over the age of reason. The result is how many minutes … Continue reading

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Is it OK to pray what’s on the St. Benedict Medal?

A question that I have gotten on a few recent occasions, including following the homily I preached this past Sunday about exorcisms (PDF download), is: Is it OK to say the prayer that is on the medal of St. Benedict? Because of … Continue reading

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Prayer to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph

This morning, while I was finally responding to some ancient correspondence from a dear religious sister friend, I came across a holy card that she had sent me, that I had forgotten about. It has a prayer to the Most … Continue reading

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Midsummer: St. John’s Eve

Last night was the Vigil of the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist – St. John’s Eve. A traditional and lovely Catholic tradition for the occasion is to have a bonfire – and to have a priest bless it. Here … Continue reading

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Corpus Christi 2019

Happy Feast Day! Sion, lift thy voice and sing; Praise thy Savior and thy King; Praise with hymns thy Shepherd true. Strive thy best to praise Him well, Yet doth He all praise excel; None can ever reach His due. … Continue reading

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