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No doubt, by now, you have heard the news about the damage done in the idyllic central Italian town of Norcia by the recent earthquakes. At first there was only damage but not total destruction… but then there were more … Continue reading

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Pastors Should Take A Pyx “Collection”

A post on this blog that has received a lot of traffic and generated a lot of contacts from readers is the one I wrote on PYX PROBLEMS a little over a year ago. Many good people had already noticed some … Continue reading

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Mass according to the Rubrics

I’ve posted on various occasions about Mass celebrated ad orientem, “facing east” – that is, with priest and people facing the same direction, toward the altar. You can easily use the search feature on the blog to find some of those … Continue reading

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Communion in Mortal Sin

I recently read an article that reminded me of a very important quotation from the great Father of the Church, St. John Chrysostom. It addresses those who might be tempted to make a bad communion – i.e., those who know … Continue reading

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The Way He Might Have Wanted It

…the powerful Aquino family obtained from Pope Innocent IV permission to have Thomas appointed abbot of Monte Cassino without resigning his Dominican habit. When Thomas declined this honor, the Pope expressed a willingness to promote him to the archiepiscopal see … Continue reading

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Holy Cards

I’ve always enjoyed collecting holy cards, particularly the older ones that one occasionally finds with unique and beautiful images and prayers or quotations on them. I remember that when I used to go to the local adoration chapel to pray … Continue reading

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Saint Andrew

First, a photo I took of the great painting of St. Andrew in one of the churches named after him in Rome, in 2006. The church is Sant’Andrea della Valle (St. Andrew of the Valley), a monumental church located not … Continue reading

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First Advent – Question

Did your priest speak about Advent as a penitential season in his homily or bulletin article this weekend?

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Christmas Cards to the Pope and Pope Emeritus

Many people are working on their Christmas cards now that Thanksgiving has passed – I know I’m trying to get my address list finalized! If you’d like to send Christmas greetings to Pope Francis and/or Pope Emeritus Benedict, these are … Continue reading

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Reminder: Priests May Offer Three Masses on All Souls Day

I wanted to remind everyone – especially brother priests – that it is permitted to offer three Masses on All Souls Day. Normally, its being a weekday this year, we would only be permitted to offer up to two (one … Continue reading

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When was the last time you went to Confession?

(Don’t post an answer: I just want you to think about it!)

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Concluding our 125th at Holy Rosary

This evening we had a special Mass for the parish feast day at Holy Rosary, concluding our 125th Anniversary Year. Those who may not have been following all of this may read this post to learn more about the special indulgence that … Continue reading

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