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Sufficient Confession Times

A priest-friend of mine has remarked that every priest should take his weekly confession time (in minutes), multiply by 52 weeks, then divide by the number of individual parishioners over the age of reason. The result is how many minutes … Continue reading

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Baptism Booklet for the Extraordinary Form

I have had many more parishioners requesting that their child’s baptism be done in the Extraordinary Form (EF) in the past few years, which has necessitated my learning how to do it. What’s more, I’ve had to think through how … Continue reading

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First Blessings and Masses of New Priests

There is an urban legend out there to the effect that there is a plenary indulgence available to anyone who receives a “first blessing” from a new priest within a year of his ordination. This is false. No such indulgence is … Continue reading

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Caring for Liturgical Linens

Earlier today I was laundering and ironing some liturgical linens over at Holy Rosary, and I posted this photo on Facebook: Among the comments it received, a brother priest suggested that I explain how to launder liturgical linens. Since I … Continue reading

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Mass “For the People” – All the People

You may have seen in your parish bulletin that one of the Sunday Masses is scheduled “For the People”. In some bulletins they still use the Latin, “Pro Populo“, or perhaps they vary the wording a bit, such as “For … Continue reading

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