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Thank You to a Reader

A kind reader sent me a book from my Amazon wish list. Alas, there was no indication who sent it – I will pray for you nonetheless. Thank you!

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New Book

I recently had the opportunity to have dinner with Dr. Peter Kwasniewksi, a professor at the great Wyoming Catholic College and a distinguished writer on many topics relating to our faith — especially the sacred liturgy. His writings are regularly … Continue reading

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Thank You

A kind reader sent me two books from my Amazon wish list. Amazon did not include any slip of paper saying who sent them! Thank you, whoever you are! Know of my prayers.

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Spiritual Reading

I’ve just started reading Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence – a spiritual classic. This is clearly an important book. I’ve gotten more out of just the first few pages than I have out of entire books before. How is it that it … Continue reading

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Vestments Arrived

The vestments that many of you helped me purchase have just arrived – a day early, and in any case, much faster than I ever expected! I will bless them soon. I will be able to use the green one … Continue reading

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Many Thanks!

My profound thanks to all who helped me be able purchase two beautiful chasuble sets! I updated the original post (click here) with more information. I’m making this separate post also, since the update would not have been “pushed” out to … Continue reading

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Help Me Buy A Chasuble?

UPDATE January 16, 2017 – I have removed the links to the crowdfunding page, as a total of $1,800.00 was donated so that I could purchase not only the white set pictured but also this green chasuble & stole! Thank … Continue reading

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In Time for Christmas

My saturno arrived today — much quicker than expected. This will do nicely. 

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Saturno – Another Priest Christmas Gift Idea

I’ve never really been much of a hat-wearer, but I do enjoy the wonderful variety of hats in the Church. Recently, it seems, a particular style of hat has been in the news: the Saturno (so-called because it resembles the planet … Continue reading

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Now Available – Bilingual Catechism

I am pleased to announce the release of a resource I developed several years ago, now to a wider market. It is a basic bilingual catechism (Spanish/English). This resource meets a pastoral need that I have encountered over and over again: … Continue reading

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Priests

Several visitors to the blog have arrived via Google search on “Christmas gift ideas for priests” or the like in the last week or so. I have posted on this in the past, but figured I should post an update … Continue reading

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A Thank You

Thank you to MAB for the book!

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