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Thanks Again

Thanks to a kind reader who sent some books from my Amazon wish list. I don’t know who you are — but God does. Prayers!

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New Book

I recently had the opportunity to have dinner with Dr. Peter Kwasniewksi, a professor at the great Wyoming Catholic College and a distinguished writer on many topics relating to our faith — especially the sacred liturgy. His writings are regularly … Continue reading

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Spiritual Reading

I’ve just started reading Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence – a spiritual classic. This is clearly an important book. I’ve gotten more out of just the first few pages than I have out of entire books before. How is it that it … Continue reading

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Now Available – Bilingual Catechism

I am pleased to announce the release of a resource I developed several years ago, now to a wider market. It is a basic bilingual catechism (Spanish/English). This resource meets a pastoral need that I have encountered over and over again: … Continue reading

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Priests

Several visitors to the blog have arrived via Google search on “Christmas gift ideas for priests” or the like in the last week or so. I have posted on this in the past, but figured I should post an update … Continue reading

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Ideal Books for Seminarians

If there were funding to buy a bunch of “essential” books for seminarians, which books should be included? Let me know what you think. Here are a few suggestions to get things going: The Priest Is Not His Own by … Continue reading

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Pyx Problems

A pyx is the sacred vessel that is used for transporting the Most Blessed Sacrament – usually to bring Holy Communion to someone who is sick. The purpose of this post is not to write about Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion or … Continue reading

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Another Priest Gift Idea

Is Father’s preaching a little bland? Want to do something about it in a kind way? Get him a great book that he will enjoy reading (or using for reference). I highly recommend this one, Dogma and Preaching: I only recently acquired … Continue reading

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Some Christmas Gift Ideas

It costs me $99/year to run this blog (in order to have additional disk space and the vanity web site address of fatherjerabek.com). The only way I attempt to offset that expense is by linking to books or other items I … Continue reading

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Another Christmas Gift Idea for Priests

I wrote last time that I have hesitated to respond publicly to requests that I occasionally receive from readers for gift ideas for priests. But since I already have the following item, I’m happy to recommend it here. Recently I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and Pocket Gospels

Pope Francis likes to promote the practice of having a pocket-sized book of the gospels to carry around and read during downtime. He has promoted it on various occasions in Rome (see here, here, and here), and even today he … Continue reading

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Juris Canonici Licentiatus

Juris Canonici Licentiatus – or, basically, “License in Canon Law” – that’s what “JCL” stands for, the degree that I received today, and the letters that I can now put after my name. Thanks to all who have prayed for … Continue reading

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