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Blessing of Herbs for the Assumption

This evening, on the Vigil of the Assumption, I offered the traditional Blessing of Herbs that is affiliated with this feast day. This is the first time as a priest I had done so. This blessing has mostly fallen off … Continue reading

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Thank You – Breviaries

A couple of times over the past several months I have made available my “Vocations Wish List”, to invite those who wish to help purchase books that will support vocations. Most recently, this effort was to buy several copies of … Continue reading

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Difficulty Praying the Rosary Regularly?

For many people, praying the rosary regularly and consistently is a real challenge. Then, for many, there is the additional difficulty of getting the hang of meditating on the mysteries while going through the Hail Marys and other prayers… Here’s … Continue reading

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Is it OK to pray what’s on the St. Benedict Medal?

A question that I have gotten on a few recent occasions, including following the homily I preached this past Sunday about exorcisms (PDF download), is: Is it OK to say the prayer that is on the medal of St. Benedict? Because of … Continue reading

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Prayer to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph

This morning, while I was finally responding to some ancient correspondence from a dear religious sister friend, I came across a holy card that she had sent me, that I had forgotten about. It has a prayer to the Most … Continue reading

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Midsummer: St. John’s Eve

Last night was the Vigil of the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist – St. John’s Eve. A traditional and lovely Catholic tradition for the occasion is to have a bonfire – and to have a priest bless it. Here … Continue reading

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Corpus Christi 2019

Happy Feast Day! Sion, lift thy voice and sing; Praise thy Savior and thy King; Praise with hymns thy Shepherd true. Strive thy best to praise Him well, Yet doth He all praise excel; None can ever reach His due. … Continue reading

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For the Priest’s Parents

A friend of mine pointed out a votive Mass to me today that I had not seen before, which he found in his Extraordinary Form Missal. It is the Mass for the priest’s deceased parents. (Thankfully, my parents are living. … Continue reading

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Come, Holy Spirit — What does this mean?

At this time of the year, as we prepare for the Feast of Pentecost, it is not uncommon to see many people invoking a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and praying that He will come into their lives. There … Continue reading

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Mother’s and Father’s Day – At Mass

Amy Welborn has a helpful post about a good way to handle Mother’s Day at Mass – I highly recommend it to all priests and deacons. In short, asking all mothers to stand or handing out flowers to all mothers, while … Continue reading

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Scrupulosity in Children

Following upon my recent post about scrupulosity in general, I thought it might be helpful to share some particular thoughts about dealing with this cross in children. It seems that there are few resources that speak directly to this topic. … Continue reading

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Mary’s Praises Sung through the Seasons

Each day, a priest ideally both celebrates Holy Mass (not an obligation) and also the canonical hours of the Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office (an obligation). Thus, typically, the last liturgical thing he does each … Continue reading

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