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Blessing of Paschal Foods/Easter Baskets

In some places there is an old tradition of blessing the food that will be eaten on Easter morning (thereby breaking the traditional Lenten fast). These foods are usually brought in a nicely-decorated basket to the church on Holy Saturday … Continue reading

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Altar of Repose 2019

I wanted to share this photo of this year’s Altar of Repose in my parish, the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Birmingham, Alabama. This year’s variation includes sheaves of wheat and bunches of grapes (beside and on the candlesticks), as well … Continue reading

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Our Lady of Sorrows in Passiontide

Today — Friday before Palm Sunday — is traditionally the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in Passiontide; also known as “St. Mary in Passiontide”, “Our Lady in Passiontide”, or “Our Lady of Seven Sorrows”. This feast is found in … Continue reading

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Passiontide Veiling & Unbleached Candles

This morning, after our Saturday morning Mass, our crew of employees and volunteers did the annual veiling of the images and setting out of unbleached candles that we do during Passiontide. (Since we are celebrating a Year of St. Joseph … Continue reading

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A Story about Devotion to St. Joseph

An Italian blog that I follow, Cordialiter, regularly posts excerpts from pious writings. I am happy to share this story from a book by Fr. Giuseppe Tomaselli on devotion to St. Joseph, in my translation. Though it may be easy to … Continue reading

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Month of Saint Joseph

March is the month of St. Joseph. I have commented on various occasions about how the Lord, in his providence, seems to cause certain saints to achieve greater prominence at certain points in history. St. Joseph is one of those … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Altar Rails

For me, one of the simplest arguments for having an altar rail along the sanctuary of the Church is an aesthetic one: it just looks better. It brings greater order to the division between sanctuary and nave; it sets off … Continue reading

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Wayside Chapels

During my recent trip to Wisconsin I was delighted to learn of a wayside chapel near to where I was staying, which was, itself, amidst the rolling farmland — not far from a big city, but very rural. Now usually, … Continue reading

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Candlemas 2019

We had a lovely Mass this morning for the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord – traditionally known as “Candlemas”, the fortieth day after Christmas, the day when candles are blessed and carried lighted in procession. Also – in … Continue reading

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Blessings for Ordinary Things

The Church has many wonderful blessings to enrich and enhance our daily life. Every priest should have a copy of the 1962 Rituale Romanum, which contains these blessings, many of which were not carried over to the post-conciliar “Book of Blessings”. … Continue reading

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A Thought on the Mantilla or Chapel Veil

On my Spanish-language Facebook page, someone recently requested that I explain the meaning of the mantilla or chapel veil. More and more ladies are wearing them now, re-discovering the old traditions, as it were. It tends to be controversial for some… … Continue reading

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Epiphany Home Blessing

The traditional Rituale Romanum (Roman Ritual) has a surprising number of blessings connected with the Feast of the Epiphany. As you may know, in many countries that were historically Catholic, Epiphany was sort of a bigger day than Christmas itself: for … Continue reading

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