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How Repentance Works

Seen on Facebook. This is good: Thanks, Fr. West!

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One Year Blog Anniversary

Well, as a footnote to today’s Far More Important Things To Think About, it is also the one year anniversary of this blog! How time flies! Here is my first post, which is actually a bit funny now: Facebook Freedom  It’s … Continue reading

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One Year Ago

One year ago today, at the exact time this post is going live – 11:46am Rome time – Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the Office of Supreme Pontiff. Here is the video of his announcement, which he made … Continue reading

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Biting and Devouring

In the second reading of this Sunday’s Mass, St. Paul contrasts the commandment of love with “biting and devouring one another”. Pope Benedict XVI commented on this passage in a letter that he wrote to all of the bishops of … Continue reading

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I Am Outraged!

It was bound to happen eventually. If the 24-hour television news culture didn’t do it to us, the internet was sure to. I am talking about the phenomenon of Recreational Outrage. Adapting the definition that one internet forum gives, we … Continue reading

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Addio, Facebook

I have finished deleting as much information as possible from Facebook (since they don’t have a “delete account” feature, and thus indefinitely hold onto whatever one leaves there), and have now deactivated my account. That’s that! UPDATE! There is a … Continue reading

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Facebook Freedom

Facebook has been bugging me for some time. Besides their gradual-yet-persistent invasion of my personal space and information – to be expected, I suppose, for a site that is free but now has to answer to stockholders – I have … Continue reading

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