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Baptism by Beer?

In preparing a handout for RCIA, I am brushing up on the matter and form of each sacrament.  With baptism in particular, many questions can arise about the matter of the sacrament. Can we baptize with beer – in a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI!

Our pope emeritus celebrates his 88th birthday today. This photo was apparently taken this morning in the Vatican, outside Benedict’s home, where he received a group of Bavarians in traditional costume and shared a mug of German beer with them. … Continue reading

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Potato Onion Oil Egg Salt

Tonight I tried my hand at a great meatless meal, Spanish Tortilla. It is nothing like the tortilla we know in the USA, made from flour or corn. This one, rather, is made from eggs and potatoes (and oil, onion, … Continue reading

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Fat Tuesday’s Excesses

In the Catholic world, the time leading up to Lent has traditionally been known as “carnival”, from the Latin words for saying farewell to meat (“carne vale”); during this time people would clean out the larder in their homes – … Continue reading

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A Recipe for Your Christmas Menu

During my three years in Italy I tried a number of delicious dishes, but there is one, which I had towards the end, that really stands out in my mind – for its wonderful flavor, and great simplicity. It is … Continue reading

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Friday Abstinence Dispensation

I recently came across this fascinating snippet from the past: back in the 1960s, when companies were still trying to respect their clients’ religious beliefs instead of downplay or ignore them, Trans World Airlines (TWA) petitioned the Holy See for … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Advent

Advent is nearly upon us. Are you ready? Here is a brief article on this topic, which I wrote for last week’s bulletin at St. Barnabas: “Liturgical New Year” is just two weeks away – November 30th is the First … Continue reading

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A Church, A Dessert, A View

I am enjoying a brief visit to Germany* before returning home. Today we drove through part of the Rhineland, very scenic. Here is an altarpiece in a church we stopped to see called the Rheingau Cathedral (although apparently it is … Continue reading

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Mass for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

This morning I had Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica for the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. My classmate and now-fellow “JCL“, Jenna Marie Cooper, attended and listened attentively to my brilliant homily (ha). Jenna is a consecrated … Continue reading

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Juris Canonici Licentiatus

Juris Canonici Licentiatus – or, basically, “License in Canon Law” – that’s what “JCL” stands for, the degree that I received today, and the letters that I can now put after my name. Thanks to all who have prayed for … Continue reading

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Mobile Knife Sharpening

Something fun that I saw today: These guys go around Rome sharpening knives for the millions of restaurants here. They put their bike up on a stand and when they pedal it spins the grinding stone.

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One Month Until Comprehensive Exams

Last night at dinner with some friends we chatted about how in just one month we will be taking the comprehensive exam and (hopefully!) finishing – June 25th. Please pray! Lots to get done in the meantime. Thanks!

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