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Conga Line Lectors

Have you ever been at a Mass (usually a school Mass) where a line-up of people takes part of the same reading or the intercessions? I guess it’s most often done with the responsorial psalm… I jokingly refer to this … Continue reading

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Is Père Hamel a Martyr?

Is Father Hamel a martyr? I would like to think so – and I have certainly thought so today. But in the end I cannot say for sure. I wonder if we may still need to pray for his soul also. … Continue reading

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Some Fan Mail

A courageous local individual sent me an unsigned note today – it was written on a piece of scrap paper with some unintelligible excerpt of an article printed on it, and came in an envelope from a large corporation headquartered … Continue reading

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Did St. Thomas Say That?

There are various quotations often attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas that are false. One that is circulating on the social networks pretty heavily today (to the shame of Catholic Vote, which is promoting it, even after it was brought to their … Continue reading

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Homily on Vocation Boom

A condensed form of my Sunday homily for this week is available on Vocation Boom, featuring my currently-crackly voice (another doctor’s appointment this Tuesday…). “A face made for radio and a voice made for print!” Anyway, I post a link … Continue reading

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On Leaving Mass Early

This is what people see as they go to leave Mass early out the main door of one of my parishes: (It was installed by a previous pastor, I think.)

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Mass for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

This morning I had Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica for the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. My classmate and now-fellow “JCL“, Jenna Marie Cooper, attended and listened attentively to my brilliant homily (ha). Jenna is a consecrated … Continue reading

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Mobile Knife Sharpening

Something fun that I saw today: These guys go around Rome sharpening knives for the millions of restaurants here. They put their bike up on a stand and when they pedal it spins the grinding stone.

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Italy’s National Holiday

Today is Italy’s National Holiday (Festa della Repubblica) and, as every year, there was a big parade here in Rome this morning, with various units of Italy’s extensive military and police forces marching, among others. The President of the Republic was … Continue reading

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Memorial of Blessed Rolando Rivi

Today is the feast day of Blessed Rolando Rivi, the young seminarian who was killed in hatred of the faith by communist partisans in Italy just before the end of the Second World War. He was beatified last October. See … Continue reading

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Franciscan Sanity and Franciscan Madness

A little fun. These are two photos that I took while out today. Here is an example of Franciscan sanity: a beautiful statue of St. Francis receiving the stigmata, above the entrance of the Church of the Most Holy Stigmata in … Continue reading

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I noticed the other day that the Vatican has a new mobile site. In keeping with tradition, it’s not very easy to navigate. See if you can spot the spelling error. I’m not a big fan of this new design, … Continue reading

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